New Paltz (GUNKS) Climbing School


The town of New Paltz is located approximately 85 miles north of New York city and 70 miles south of Albany.  The village of New Paltz is culturally rich and boasts many unique restaurants and shops on its steep and narrow main street.  The town is home to State University of New York New Paltz and welcomes 7,700 students each year from various cities in New York and other states.

The Mohonk Preserve is part of a much larger area called the Shawangunk Ridge (aka “The Gunks”).  The Gunks are world class climbing cliffs, which draw thousands of rock climbers and boulderers each year, in addition to hikers, mountain bikers, and those looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the park. The Shawangunk Ridge is a ridge of bedrock extending from northern New Jersey to the Catskill Mountains.  The ridge is widest (7.5 miles) near the Catskills in the north and most narrow (1.25 miles) in the middle.  At a maximum height of 2,289ft (from sea level), the Shawangunk Ridge rises above a high plain to the east which stretches all the way to the Hudson River.  The Shawangunk Ridge is made up of a quartz conglomerate making the exposed rock very hard and resistant to weathering.  With an average height of around 150ft (maximum 300ft), it’s no wonder why the climbing routes in The Gunks are some of the best climbs in the world.

If you’re not sure which program is right for you or you just want more information, give us a call.  We’d be happy to discuss options with you and can recommend the course or privately guided day that will be right for you based on your experience and goals.


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