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Lake Pearl Kayak and SUP Rentals, Wrentham

pool rolling Lake Pearl is a quiet picturesque pond located mid way between Boston and Providence. It’s one of Wrentham’s three sizable lakes rich with conservation lands and open spaces. Originally known as Whitings’ Pond, its history as a thriving dance hall and park soon gave way to its current use as a residential and recreational gem. Funded by the Sweatt Foundation and maintained by many local organizations like the local scout group. Sweatt beach has small town lakefront beach charm that is enjoyed by many of the surrounding towns.
The beach provides a perfect location to paddle and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the shore line. Eastern Mountain Sports provides canoe, kayak and SUP rentals. Along with rentals we provide kayak, stand up paddle classes and tours for all to enjoy this great paddling destination. Come take advantage of one our great paddling opportunities and see why people rave about this little New England Gem.
1 Hour to Full Day Rental / 7 Woolford Road Wrentham, MA 02093

Kayak Pool Rolling (Northbridge)

pool rollingQuite simply, rolling your kayak to an upright position is the best self rescue method, period. It is one of those counter-intuitive skills that demands a skilled instructor with a good eye and deep understanding of the mechanics of various rolling styles to smooth the learning process. So we try to make your learning experience as easy as possible in a warm pool (Whitin Community Center- winter) or calm water body (Lincoln Woods State Park- summer) with rolling-friendly kayaks and knowledgeable ACA and BCU certified instructors. READ MORE… 
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2 hours / meet at Whitin Community Center

Blue Hills Winter Hiking Trips (Milton)

 width="184"Blue Hills Reservation is a popular outdoor recreation area visited by thousands of people each year. But as the days grow shorter and the winter months descend this busy urban hiking destination becomes a quiet winter wonderland perfect for winter trekking opportunities. Located only minutes from the bustle of Boston, Blue Hills stretches over 7,000 acres from Quincy to Dedham, Milton to Randolph providing a network of 125 miles worth of renowned hiking trails. This location provides fantastic views of the surrounding towns from its 22 hills and exposed rocky ridgelines. Many historic references and locations dot its countryside including its numerous Native American archeological sites and remnants of early European Settlers. Hikers are rewarded with fantastic views of Boston from the viewing platform atop of Eliot Tower to the north. Exploring Eliot Circle and the Summit of Great Blue Hill (635ft) reveals the historic Blue Hills Weather Observatory and Science Center.  
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2.5 hours / meet at Blue Hills Trailside Museum

Wachusett Mountain Winter Hiking Trips (Princeton)

 width="184" Mt Wachusett is an excellent place to explore winter hiking! First time hikers rave about the views and the quality and quantity of trails. Trails surrounding this 2,006 ft summit hold their winter conditions very well, and provide hikers with deep snow and ice pack early and late into this season. The DCR Visitor Center provides a warm and informative meeting place to start as well as an excellent place to sit by the fire and enjoy lunch after the hike. The 3,000 acre State Reservation contains a wealth of natural resources such as alpine meadows, old growth forests, local wildlife and great views from its newly built viewing platform at the summit. From the summit you can take in majestic views of Mt. Monadnock to the north, Berkshires to the west, and views of the Boston skyline on the east. 
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3 hours / meet at Wachusett Mountain State Reservation

Mt. Manadnock Winter Hiking Trips (Jaffrey, New Hampshire)

width="184" This majestic 3,165 foot mountain located in Southern New Hampshire is surrounded by thousands of acres of protected highlands and provides the best mountain views south of the White Mountains. This highly sought after hiking destination is a fantastic winter trekking spot that provides many options for winter hiking enthusiasts. The trails surrounding its summit retain their winter conditions early and late into the season providing excellent snowshoeing and winter trail hiking. With views as far north as the Whites and south as Wachusett Mountain, its majestic platform provides the perfect peak for winter explorers looking for that big mountain feel. Designated as a National Landmark with its Native American and early settlers history, its claim to fame is most often tied to the well known writings of Emerson and Thoreau. Much of the mountains upper third are exposed rock, perfect for winter hiking and big mountain views. 
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5 hours / meet at Monadnock State Park

Group Rock Climbing in Boston (Quincy Quarries)

rc101-680x475Eastern Mountain Sports Climbing School works with many clubs, schools, universities and community organizations like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to create customized programs every year. We can provide lessons or climbing programs as a onetime event or a series of recurring events.

We specialize in group climbing events, adventures, and climbing instruction. Our professionally trained instructors and guides work hard to provide top notch outdoor adventures for groups of all sizes. We provide a wide variety of programs for groups of varying interests and expectations. Give us a call with your special needs and we will tailor a climbing program to meets those needs, and exceed your expectations. This is why our groups keep coming back for more, year after year!

Available 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a climb.

Private Rock Climbing (Quincy Quarries)

 ryan-keith-upper-resfuse-940x450Looking to master a specific skill or accomplish a particular goal or maybe you just want the guide to yourself, or on a day of your own choosing. Regardless of the reason or the size of your party, just give us a call at 845-668-2030 to set up a private climbing day tailored to your needs and schedule. Private rock climbing trips available 7 days a week.
Available 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a climb.

Intro to Paddleboarding (Wrentham)

width="184"  This beginner level course will provide you with the basic equipment, knowledge and paddling concepts you need to confidently and efficiently explore this exciting sport. The first part of class will focus on appropriate board and paddle selection,  paddling stance and basic strokes. Next we will move to floating our boards, kneeling on our boards and eventually, standing up and applying those new found balancing techniques. Once you’ve got the feel of it, we will work on our forward stroke, sweep strokes and some ruddering techniques. Falling off and getting back on are some fun ways to relax, cool off and get more comfortable on your board. You will soon discover that you have been having a blast while providing your body with a great new workout. Look cool, have fun, and get some exercise as you learn to SUP with our experienced paddle board instructors at Eastern Mountain Sports! 
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1.5 hours / meet at Sweatt Beach on Lake Pearl in Wrentham

Kayak Strokes and Rescues (Wrentham)

width="184"  The best way to learn to kayak is to take a full day kayak course that covers outfitting, strokes and rescues. This class goes several steps beyond our Primary Strokes offering by spending more time on the strokes in the morning and focusing on rescue skills in the afternoon. This is a comprehensive seven hour kayak class that covers a wide range of skills and techniques. We provide plenty of time to practice and refine each skill in order to maximize your fun and build overall confidence. 
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7 hours / meet at Sweatt Beach on Lake Pearl in Wrentham

Primary Strokes (Wrentham)

width="184" A great way to learn to kayak is to take an introductory course that covers kayak outfitting and basic strokes. This class is designed to teach new kayakers the beginning skills surrounding this fun and exciting sport. This is a three hour course that takes place on protected water with comfortable, stable kayaks. Our professional certified ACA Instructors will show you the essential equipment and how to best fit and utilize each piece. Your Instructor will introduce you to fundamentals of kayaking like proper boat and PFD fit, carrying and lifting techniques, launching and landing techniques, efficient forward and reverse strokes, and a few maneuvering strokes such as sweeps and draws. We surround this instruction with fun and informative group activities designed to build skills and increase confidence. 
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3 hours / meet at Sweatt Beach on Lake Pearl in Wrentham