Rock Climbing Gear List

Below is a list of items you will be responsible for bringing while climbing with the EMS Climbing School.  Being properly dressed is essential to enjoying your outdoor adventures.

If you have questions about how many or which items to bring, please call 845-668-2030 or email us at  We expect that you will be dressed and ready to go upon arrival to your program.


Pants or Shorts

Loose fitting, quick dry pants or shorts.  Shorts should be mid thigh.  Please dress appropriately for the day’s weather.

Long or Short Sleeve Shirt                                                                            

Please avoid cotton on colder days, especially in the spring and fall.  Unlike cotton (that gets wet and stays wet), wicking fabrics will help regulate your temperature as you sweat.

Rain Jacket

Lightweight waterproof/breathable jacket with a hood.  You may not need it… but if you do, you’ll be glad you brought it.

Fleece Jacket (Spring & Fall)

Spring and fall temperatures can be chilly, especially in the mountains.  Keep an eye on the forecast.  If temperatures are expected to be in the 50s F or below by mid-day, we recommend packing a fleece jacket.


-Closed-Toe Shoes

Sneakers or trail shoes.  No open-toed sandals or heavy hiking boots.



You will be at the cliff for almost the entire day, so please pack a lunch and plenty of snacks for each person in your group.  PB&J, bagels, trail mix, jerky, and granola bars are good options.  Avoid soft fruits (like bananas), as they don’t pack well.  Tip:  pack your food in hard containers, so it doesn’t get crushed in your pack.


2 Nalgene-sized bottles per person (64 oz)


Small Day Pack

Please bring a pack that you could hike with comfortably and that is spacious enough to carry your harness, helmet, shoes, and other personal items.  Basic book bags generally suffice.  No small hydration bags, please.


Bug Spray


All climbers receive rock shoes, harnesses, helmets, chalk bags, and climbing hardware for the day at no extra charge.

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