Rock Climbing


gunks-940x450accredited_colorClimbers travel from all over the country and world to spend time at The Gunks, which is recognized as one of the best climbing areas in the USA. Climbing starts to pick up action around April, and the Gunks are busy with climbers until the snow hits in November or December (although you’ll still see some of us out there climbing with snow on the ground!) The Mohonk Preserve has made climbing in the Gunks very easily accessible, and the views on the way to the crags are just as spectacular as the climbing!

Classes are available on select dates, or hire a guide for a private lesson or day of guided climbing on a day of your own choosing. Group classes require a minimum enrollment of 2 people. Private lessons are available any day of the week and are guaranteed to run given favorable weather conditions. If you have a limited schedule we recommend booking privately.

Private, Family, and Group Guided Climbs

keith-ryan-belay-680x475Looking to master a specific skill or accomplish a particular goal or maybe you just want the guide to yourself, or on a day of your own choosing. Regardless of the reason or the size of your party, just give us a call at 845-668-2030 to set up a private climbing day tailored to your needs and schedule. Private rock climbing trips available 7 days a week. READ MORE…
Available 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a climb.

Rock Climbing Fast Track

 rcft-680x475Rock Climbing Fast Track is a two-day introduction to rock climbing and is our most popular rock climbing class. This concentrated program takes new climbers through the comprehensive progression of our two introductory courses: Rock Climbing 101 and Rock Climbing 201. After these two days, you will have a solid understanding of what it’s like to climb outside in single and multi-pitch terrain. It’s a perfect way to cover a lot of vertical ground, and save some money at the same time. READ MORE… 
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two days / ratio day one 4:1, day two 3:1 / private classes also available

Rock Climbing 101

 rc101-680x475The bulk of the day is spent putting these new skills to use on the cliff. Each climber will be able to get in multiple climbs throughout the day. You will come away having experienced what it is like to be a responsible member of a climbing party outdoors. READ MORE… 
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one day / ratio 1:4 / private classes also available

Rock Climbing 201

 rc201-680x475An introduction to multi-pitch climbing, now that you’ve completed Rock Climbing 101, or have extensive indoor rock climbing experience, you’re ready to really put those skills to use on the cliffs. Well review and build from your first days out climbing. READ MORE… 
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one day / ratio 1:3 / private classes also available

Rock Climbing 202

This is a rock climbing mileage day. Now that we’ve covered the basics, one of the ways to improve is get some serious mileage on the cliff. This class will have opportunities to cover both goals of long multi-pitch climbs, or a series of shorter, more problematic routes. With this smaller ratio class setting, we’ll make sure you get lots of climbing in.
From here feel free to take this program as often as you like; we’ll provide a variety of climbs on diffrent terrain to challenge you each time you come back. Many of our climbers choose to climb privately with a guide to further develop their skills. We also offer skills building classes like Top Rope Anchoring to learn how to get out and climb on your own.  READ MORE… 
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one day / ratio 2:1 / private classes also available

Top Rope Set Up

 510x350-rock-tr1Our anchoring fundamentals course will get you climbing outside on your own. Using natural or fixed protection we’ll go over what it takes to set up your own rope system. READ MORE… 
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two days / ratio 1:4 / private classes also available

Advanced Top Rope Set Up

 510x350-rock-tr1Start using traditional climbing gear to build anchors. Building on the anchoring fundamentals learned in the Top rope course, this one day class reviews the top rope anchors using natural protection and moves onto building anchors using artificial protection. This is also the first step in developing your learning to lead skill set.Read More…
Available 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a climb.

one day / ratio 1:4 / private classes also available

Learn to Lead

 Traditional lead climbing, going from the ground up an awesome responsibility that is extremely rewarding. This intense three-day course will start to give you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to explore the cliff from the “sharp” end of the rope.Read More…  
three days / ratio 1:4 /
private classes also available

Self Rescue

A must for every climber, this course will teach you how to handle all sorts of unanticipated situations on the cliff, using the standard gear you already have on hand. Day one will feature close-to-the-ground practice sessions that will introduce a broad range of tricks and techniques, and day two will present rescue scenarios and problem-solving exercises on the cliff. You’ll learn how to anticipate and ultimately address a wide variety of the unexpected challenges we encounter in the vertical Read More…
one day / ratio 1:4 /
private classes also available

Single Pitch Instructor Course and SPI Assessment

The Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Program teaches climbing instructors to proficiently facilitate and instruct the sport of rock climbing in a single pitch setting. The SPI is the only internationally recognized single pitch climbing instructor certification program in the United States. It was developed to fit in the AMGA Rock program. Benefits:

  • It significantly improves the instructor’s skill sets and integrates into the next level of training, the AMGA Rock Instructor Course.
  • The program is for current, active rock climbers who have a real desire to teach rock climbing to novices in a single pitch setting.
  • The SPI Course is a 27-hour training course that normally runs as three consecutive nine-hour days or day classes with evening sessions.
  • The SPI Assessment is a minimum of 16 hours run over a two-day period.
  • Certification lasts for three years as long as the candidate keeps current AMGA Membership and First Aid Certification.

AMGA SPI Course $525

AMGA SPI Exam $350  April 4-5

 Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a class. 

Glacier Skills & Crevasse Rescue

If you aspire to climb bigger mountains out West or abroad, learning to rope up for and travel over glaciers is essential. You’ll also need to know how to extricate yourself or your partner from a crevasse. Though there are no glaciers in the Northeast, our instructors can teach you all of the latest tricks and techniques for navigating though these hazards. A portion of the day will be spent learning the basics of glacier rigging for different sized rope-teams, as well as equipment options and crevasse rescue systems. We will then set up and practice the demonstrated techniques in the field. We require technical climbing experience or participation in one or more of our mountaineering courses for this hands-on, technical program. This class can be taken in one day or spread out into two days.
Available 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a class.

Aid Climbing

Aid climbing puts us in some of the most spectacular positions imaginable. This course introduces the specialized equipment and teaches the fundamental techniques that allow us to venture beyond the limits of free climbing. We’ll cover climbing on aid – using nuts, pitons, hooks and etriers, as well as techniques for ascending the rope, cleaning pitches on aid, and simple hauling systems. Participants should have significant free-climbing experience, including some leading.
Available 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a class.

Rock Climbing in the Gunks

The majority of the cliffs in The Gunks are only 10-15 minutes outside of the Town of New Paltz, and the ridgeline stands prominently across the Western Horizon. Some of the most popular cliffs, The Trapps, The Near Trapps, and SkyTop, are visible from New Paltz. The rock climbing at these cliffs varies from 1-3 pitches, with several single pitch crags surrounding them. The Trapps is the longest (about 2 miles), most popular cliff at The Gunks, and houses routes covering a wide spectrum of difficulty. A complete beginner can enjoy climbing Northern Pillar (5.2) to the top of the cliff while watching intermediate/advanced climbers on Madame G’s (5.6) or Le Teton (5.9+) nearby. Many argue that High Exposure (5.6), or “High E,” is one of the best and most-exposed routes for its grade. High E (photo on right) is a two-pitch climb that has an exciting move exiting a very large roof and proceeds up a very steep and exposed wall. Our guides have all been climbing here for quite some time, so be sure to let them know what you’re interested in, and they’ll find a spot in The Gunks that’s perfect for your day out!

Our guides are all professionally trained according to American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) standards. Not only are our guides AMGA trained, but our Climbing School is one of the few programs in the country to be accredited by the AMGA. Our equipment is checked and replaced on a regular bases, and we don’t charge you extra to use it. Programs are available year round and can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you’re training to climb Rainier or want to come up from NYC to take your family climbing; we can help you reach your goals.