Family Climb

Family Climbing


Family Climbing

Spend some time with the little ones this season while learning a new family sport.  Kids & family climbing programs are designed to allow families to go at their own pace with the help and guidance of a certified climbing instructor.  Our instructors will introduce basic climbing technique, fundamentals of belaying, and of course tons of climbing!

Family Climbing

Family climbing programs can be as formal or informal as you like and are custom tailored to meet to needs of your family.  Programs are for families with kids age 15 and younger.  Parents must be present and participation is strongly encouraged.  “Families” can be any combination of mom, dad, kids, cousins, uncles, grandparents and friends.  As long as someone in the group is 15 or younger and a parent or legal guardian is present, you qualify for the family rate.

Family Rates

Rates are $400 per guide and are good for up to 6 people.  Don’t have all day to climb?  Try our half day option for $250.

Age Restrictions

You must have a child age 15 or younger in your group to be considered for the family rate.  Age restrictions on the lower end depend on size of the child and attention span.  Children must be able to wear a helmet for the entire program and must be able to listen carefully and follow instructions from the climbing instructor.  Please call us to discuss these restrictions if you still have questions or concerns.

Groups generally meet at 9am at Eastern Mountain Sports.  An average day ranges between 5-6.5 hours in length and includes gear fitting, equipment overview, basic instruction (knot tying, belaying, climbing technique), and of course plenty of time for climbing!

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