Rhode Island may be the smallest state with the longest name (State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations), but it makes up for it in miles of coastline. “The Ocean State” is a playground for water sport enthusiasts from sailors to surfers. Historic harbor towns such as Newport, Wickford and Bristol attract many visitors each year to take part in summer events and shopping. If you live in the Rhode Island area or are planning a trip, be sure to check out our full line up of kayaking and paddleboarding  lessons, to guided scenic tours of the Rhode Island coastline.


Fall Foliage Kayak Tours (Central Falls)

fall kayakCome explore the Blackstone River on one of our favorite Fall Foliage Paddle Tours. Experience the vibrant colors of the changing of the season against the mirror like calm water as we paddle north into the Historic Lonsdale Marsh. This is one of those must do trips that rewards you with all the sights, sounds and smells fall has to offer. Known as “The Hardest Working River In New England” the Blackstone River has been used throughout the industrial revolution to generate power and transport goods for many generations. In Fact it is often referred to as the “Birthplace Of the American Revolution” due to its numerous mills, river locks and quaint mill towns that sprung up along its banks. As we paddle along this winding river we will share in the importance of this cultural and historical natural resource as we enjoy its current recreational opportunities. The plan is to paddle north into the marsh between Cumberland and Lincoln and experience the beauty of its coves and islands. The vibrant red and orange hues of fall surround us as we glide through its gentile waters. As we paddle around the marsh and explore all it has to offer you will soon understand why this is one of those sought after “Fall Foliage Paddles”. READ MORE… 
3 hours / Central Falls Landing

Seal Watching Kayak Tours (Narragansett Bay)

700x450-seals2 Join the EMS Kayak School as we go in search of one of the most endearing winter residents of Narragansett Bay, the harbor seal. Harbor seals migrate from the Gulf of Maine and Atlantic Canada into Narragansett Bay’s warmer waters in the winter months. Once quite rare in the area, harbor seal populations have rebounded since the passage of the Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1972. Here in the Bay, they are protected from many of their natural predators like orcas and sharks. Viewing these animals by kayak gives you an opportunity not available any other way; you can look these animals right in the eye, from their perspective, in their environment. There are several locations throughout Narragansett Bay that are regular haul out spots for the seals, and due to tides, winds and the cooler temperatures our launch sites often vary. The plan is to get out on the water and head toward one of these haul out spots like Rome Point and view the seals without spooking them. The viewing is often done on land during one of our breaks, or an occasional on the water “spy hop” as we are paddling around! These curious creatures are often quite interested in kayaks and will investigate boats from behind, following almost silently. Come out with one of our experienced guides and enjoy one of the gifts of Narragansett Bay! READ MORE… 
3 hours / North Kingston Town Beach