Backcounty Skiing & Ski Mountaineering


accredited_colorThe Mt. Washington valley has access to backcountry skiing terrain for every skill level. Our backcountry ski courses focus on equipment and clothing needed for a day in the backcountry, understanding the weather, uphill travel techniques, and hazard awareness. Most of the day is spent traveling uphill practicing techniques used for skinning on varying terrain. Your guide will help to point out possible hazards you may encounter on your own and help you become more familiar with changing conditions. Ski guides have extensive experience on Mt. Washington and are trained in avalanche awareness and rescue through the American Institute of Avalanche Education (AIARE). If you are looking for an introduction to backcountry skiing, or want to combine your existing backcountry ski and technical mountaineering skills into a day of ski mountaineering; we have the experienced guides to help you reach your goals. Any ski day can be made into a private day. We recommend booking privately if you have previous experience or wish to travel at your own pace and not at the pace of a group. Ski equipment is provided for all backcountry ski programs. This includes touring boots, skis, poles, beacon, probe and shovel. You are more than welcome to use your own equipment.

NOTE:  Backcountry ski courses only touch on avalanche safety topics and should not be taken in lieu of a sanctioned avalanche training course. It’s recommended to pair these programs with an Avalanche Training course through AIARE for a more comprehensive understanding of backcountry travel techniques, hazard awareness, and companion rescue.


Private Guided Ski Trips

Looking to master a specific skill or accomplish a particular goal or maybe you just want the guide to yourself, or on a day of your own choosing. Regardless of the reason or the size of your party, just give us a call at 845-668-2030 to set up a private ski day tailored to your needs and schedule. Private trips available 7 days a week. READ MORE…

Available 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a trip.



Introduction to Backcountry Skiing

Randonée, ski touring, ski mountaineering and extreme skiing are all terms used to describe ta new way of experiencing the world of backcountry sking that is rapidly gaining popularity in the US. These forms of skiing can be extremely dangerous if done without considering the hazards of avalanches, uncontrolled falls in steep terrain, fatigue, and mountain weather. Alpine touring gear also known as randonée gear offers all the benefits of telemark or cross ski gear with the added power and control of downhill skis and bindings. The pursuit of fresh fallen snow and new challenges draw hundreds off the ski slopes and into the backcountry each year. READ MORE…

Also available privately 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a private course.

one day / ratio 1:4


Ski Mountaineering

Do you want to open up new terrain and immerse yourself in the mountains? This course will give you the skills you need to approach ski routes that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. You’ll learn how to climb efficiently using a mountaineering axe in your hand and crampons on your ski boots. This course is designed for Telemark or Alpine Touring Skiers that have done our Backcountry Ski course or have extensive personal skiing experience. No mountaineering experience is required, but you may want to sign up for our Winter Climbing 101 course or our 3-day Accelerated Mountaineering course if you are really interested. READ MORE…

Only available privately 7 days a week. Please call 845-668-2030 to schedule a course.

one day / ratio 1:4 

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